What does Freedom mean to you?
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What does Freedom mean to you?

We got comfy with our freedom family, to ask 'What does freedom mean to them?'

Freedom Aged Care recognises that freedom to live our lives our own way is essential to happiness. We should never have to sacrifice it for anything - especially the care and companionship we need as we age.

This definition of freedom can be as simple as choosing what to do each day, through to the freedom to live together as a couple, regardless of your changing health needs. It can be the freedom to bring your pets to live with you or have family and loved ones stay over whenever you wish. Or it can be freedom of a different sort – freedom from loneliness, anxiety and worry about unforeseen care and living costs.

For many it’s the freedom to enjoy the privacy of their own self-contained home with their own front door within a vibrant, loving community. And for others it’s simply the freedom we all cherish - the freedom to boldly “be ourselves” and live life on our own terms.

As we say here, what’s life without freedom?


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Freedom Aged Care has communities across Australia, click here to find your local community or call us on 1800 647 813.

Meet Merv

As well as the many specific forms of care Merv receives, he also gets an endless supply of the type of care Freedom has now become famous for – lots of cuddles and big-hearted smiles from everyone in his new Freedom family.
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