Home Care Communities
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Home Care Communities

Freedom Aged Care, Australia's first Home Care Community, but what is a Home Care Community?

Imagine living in your own private home with the comfort and knowledge that you should never have to move again, because regardless of the changes in your level of needed care, there will be a team of carers and staff onsite to help you at any hour of the day. That is what a Home Care Community is, a genuine alternative in your ageing journey.


What must a Home Care Community have

  • They must carry 97% of their residents through to death
  • They are an Approved Home Care provider
  • They have a care governance framework in place
  • They have a Registered Nurse leadership model
  • They offer Dementia and Palliative Care
  • Their cost structure gives assurance of tenure
  • Their cost has the ability to fall below the pension


What services are included

  • Access to 24/7 care, changing with you and your journey
  • An individual care plan managed by a personal carer
  • Nutritious meals cooked onsite by staff
  • Personal Carers and Registered Nurses onsite 24/7
  • Varied activities and an events program
  • Your own home, with private amenities


Meet Asta and Rae

Freedom has been the best thing ever, it is peace of mind for us that she is in a lovely place, being well cared for by fantastic and dedicated staff.
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