Love. Decency. Respect. Kindness.

These are not just words on the wall at Freedom.  They are the values we have chosen to live by to honour the dignity and beauty of the human being at the most vulnerable stage of life. Ultimately they are the values that make real freedom possible. Freedom of choice. Freedom from loneliness and worry. And freedom to live each and every moment exactly as we please. On our own terms. The moments we are privileged to share with you here are everyday moments in the lives of those who make up our beautiful ‘Freedom family’. 

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The Freedom Difference

Everyday moments of simple happiness and joy.

Everyday moments of love, decency, respect and kindness.

When we feel safe, secure and surrounded by friends, when care comes with such genuine caring, every day is measured in magic moments and simple joys.         

Pat, Freedom family

When laughter replaces loneliness, when friendship and fun fill your days, life’s an endless invitation to jump in and play.

Peter and Gwen, Freedom family

Be they feathered, furred, four-legged or two, the journey’s always more joyful when you travel with friends.

Jean and Monty, Freedom family

When you’re totally accepted just as you are, when you’re genuinely recognised as someone deserving of love, decency, respect and kindness, you don’t just feel it. You reflect it back.

Pamela, Freedom family

What’s freedom but the joy of being able to come and go as you please, unbound by rules and regulations. And any obligation to be honest about the size of your catch!

David and mates, Freedom family

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The new life you come to doesn’t mean the end of the old life you’ve come from. On the contrary, the best parts – family, friends and the odd woolly cousin – are welcomed as ‘family’!

Jean, Freedom family

The freedom to simply be yourself, to please yourself, to do whatever you want whenever you want. Now that’s something you can’t lick!

Marie and Jim, Freedom family

When you’re the centre of the universe, everything revolves around you. This is your time, your place, your family. Your Freedom.

Bilena and Helen, Freedom family

Just because you’re still together at 101 doesn’t mean you can’t take off occasionally! 

Wally, Freedom family

When life itself is the party, who needs an excuse to dress up and celebrate? 

Heather and Daphne, Freedom family

Do we look like residential aged care resis to you or just a bench of best mates out on the town enjoying our freedom?

Reg, Chris, Noela, Joan and Ursula, Freedom family

A place to pass on their precious life wisdom rather than have it lost or left unheard, this is the inter-generational gift of freedom. 

Edna with student Sophie, Freedom family

What’s the point of being in the drivers seat if you can’t bring your wheels? 

John, Freedom family

What’s freedom if you’re not free to swing in the breeze between grown up and childhood?

Elizabeth and Joan, Freedom family

You can always spot the Freedom family by the orange balloons, the silly hats and the sunny smiles of togetherness.

Noela, Loretta and friends, Freedom family

They gave and sacrificed so much for our lives and freedoms. Now it’s our turn to give something back.

Keith with great grandson Cooper, Freedom family

Only champion teams get their photographs taken centre-field at the MCG!

Georgina, Tanya, Louise, Helen, Shirley, Robert, Carmel, Lynne, Annette, Annabel, Barbara, Marcus, Bill, Ingrid, Daisy, Dhaneesh and Dot, Team Freedom

As far as Mr Smith’s concerned, Freedom isn’t just doggone good. It’s the lap of luxury!

Eric and Mr Smith, Freedom family

To know there are spaces in your togetherness to come away, to be alone…to smell the roses.

Hilma, Freedom family

The freedom to bring your old world with you makes your new world a less scary place.  

Lindsay, Freedom family

The courage to step out infront of the cameras because you want share your new-found freedom with the world. 

Edna and son Peter, Freedom family tv stars

In the right place with the just right amount of love and care, we look and feel good from any angle!

Janice and Tina, Freedom family.

Meet our Freedom family

Love, Decency, Respect, Kindness.These are not just words to us. They are the values we live by, the values that drive everything we do every single day for those we lovingly call our Freedom family.
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