Meet Jim
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Meet Jim

 It’s never the end, it’s just the end of one thing and

the beginning of something new and wonderful. 



Meet Jim, an accomplished and fiercely-independent artist, two years shy of his 90th birthday, typifies so many ageing Australians.

Fearful of ending up in a nursing home, Jim stoically struggled on alone, despite being isolated, frail and increasingly in need of care. It was only the concern of a neighbour that brought him to Freedom.

Today Jim not only has all the freedom to come, go and do as he pleases, he also enjoys the independence and privacy of his own self-contained home within a vibrant, fun-loving community. His ongoing personal and nursing needs are met by a dedicated team of Personal Carers under the watchful eye of a Registered Nurse and his own Clinical Case Manager. It’s this unprecedented commitment to 24/7 hands-on care that will enable Jim and 97% of Freedom’s other residents - to remain living in their own home through every stage of their ageing journey.

Freedom Aged Care is a Home Care Community, giving our Freedom family the beginning of something new and wonderful, until the very end with love, decency, respect and kindness.

What’s life without Freedom!

Meet Wally

I have lived here for 3 years and for my 100th birthday I happened to mention that I wanted to go in a plane and I was shocked that Freedom organised all of this.
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