Our Care and Support
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Our Care and Support

Freedom Aged Care provides supported living environments within Retirement Village settings and home care services in the associated community, which promote wellness and independence for all residents. Services offered by Freedom Aged Care is underpinned by a philosophy of wellness; building on what you are able to do rather than focusing on what you may have difficulty with. This approach promotes positive partnerships between you, the carers and case managers to support and encourage you to set and reach goals that enhance your quality of life and independence. We recognises that you may have physical, cognitive or psychosocial deficits that affect your functional ability and may create difficulties or challenges in activities of daily living. We will be there encouraging and supporting you.

All clinical care delivered by Freedom Aged Care is evidence-based and follows the principles of best practice. That is, “using the best available evidence in order to provide clinicians with evidence-informed recommendations that support clinical practice and guide practitioner and patient decisions regarding appropriate healthcare in specific clinical practice settings and circumstances”. (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Association- SA Branch, Best Practice Guidelines).  We utilize recognized best practice guidelines such as the Australian Wound Management Association and Joanna Briggs, in the development of care delivery procedures.


Every aspect of life in a Freedom Aged Care community is based on sound care governance principles.  Care governance is a framework through which organisations are accountable for continually improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish (Scally and Donaldson 1998).  Care governance aims to prevent harm and promote safety and quality and is dependent on high levels of transparency and accountability.  At Freedom, we value your input into the care and service delivery to ensure that care is delivered according to your assessed need and in accordance with your wishes.  We believe in promoting your independence; we will support you to carry out activities that promote your own lifestyle (physical, social and psychological).  Our supported living environment will allow you to live in your own home, making your own choices whilst still getting support to live the way you want to within the scope of your capacity, even if you are living with physical, cognitive or psychosocial deficits. We will walk along the pathways of your life with you through every stage of your ageing journey.  As your health needs change, we will work with you to ensure your care plan changes to meet these needs.  Imagine, care and service according to your assessed needs, delivered by caring and kind staff in your own home – now that’s freedom!

Freedom culture is ‘the enduring value and priority that Freedom staff, at all level of the organisation, place on delivering on the Freedom promise, including: enabling residents to live the life they choose based on an ethos of love, kindness, decency and respect.

Our freshly cooked meals enjoyed in luxurious surroundings will enhance your meal experience.  The maintenance team take great pride in ensuring the community and grounds are aesthetically pleasing and that you are able to enjoy a quiet stroll around the grounds or just sit and listen to the birds: pure heaven!  Give me freedom, give me freedom, give me freedom!


Meet Greg and Tom

Dad originally came from Toogoolawah and moved to Dalby to start grain farming in the early 1950's. He and I built some of the machinery ourselves and the silos to store the grain in. Mum and Dad lived there until she passed away in 1992.
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