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Our Communities

All the independence, privacy and participation you could ever want. All the care you could ever need.

Freedom Aged Care Communities are not traditional nursing homes or aged care community, but, as their name implies, unique aged care communities dedicated to delivering unmatched levels of freedom, lifestyle and care.

Within Freedom Aged Care Communities, independence and privacy of home ownership come with every level of 24 hours a day nursing care, including dementia and palliative.

Each community is a vibrant social centre built on passionate pillars of personal freedom, friendship, and fun.

Every Freedom resident is recognised and respected as the centre of our universe.

Affordability is as imperative as freedom, and feeling valued and loved is as important as feeling heard. 

For your family and friends this means peace of mind knowing you are in the driver’s seat of your own day and your own destiny while enjoying all the freedom, fun, friendship and care you could ever want.

All the freedom, fun and friendship you could ever want.

The hub and heart of Freedom Aged Care is a vibrant social centre that is more like a small, never-sleep town than a quiet aged care community! You can catch up for a cocktail or a coldie at Wrinkles Cafe and Bar, (proof of age may be requested), book a cut or colour at our onsite hair and beauty salon, take in a movie at our onsite movie theatre, check out the monthly calendar or community noticeboard for the latest activities and entertainments, flag down the Freedom bus for a trip to town or stay in and sample the ever-changing menu of fresh, nutritious meals in the Freedom community dining room.

Outside, next to the chook house, you're likely to find the green-fingered fraternity up to their spade handles in spinach and tomatoes in the Freedom vegie garden.


Meet Nell and Toby

Not only that, Nell was able to move in to her beautiful, self-contained Freedom home immediately without any ACAT or means testing.
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