Our Story
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Our Story

Freedom Aged Care is far more than just a place to live.

For our residents it’s like having a second family while they receive all the care and support they need to live as independently as possible. The reasons people come to Freedom are as varied as the lives of those who call Freedom ‘home’. Some are here because they can no longer manage and maintain their old family home. Many are couples with low to medium care needs who want to stay together. Some suffer from varying levels of memory loss. Others are here because they found themselves increasingly alone and socially isolated. Some are here simply because they can bring their pets and have family over to stay. Whatever it is that brings people here, Freedom recognizes we are all on a different ageing and health journey. At Freedom it’s a journey made easier and more enjoyable because we are all on it together.


Meet Wally

I have lived here for 3 years and for my 100th birthday I happened to mention that I wanted to go in a plane and I was shocked that Freedom organised all of this.
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