Pets Welcome
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Pets Welcome

A pet-friendly aged care community


The freedom to bring your feathered and four-legged friends.

The emotional and physical benefits of having a pet in our later lives are well documented and of course, enthusiastically encouraged at Freedom Aged Care.  We want to make sure your new home is suitable for you and your pet, so if you do have a furry friend, talk to us, and we will see how we can make Freedom your pet’s Freedom too. 


Why pets are so important

Pets have an incredible effect on wellbeing by lowering blood pressure, reducing depression, lowering stress levels, reducing loneliness, increasing physical activity, and giving us a sense of purpose. Our pets provide us with an unconditional loving companionship that make them indispensable members of our families. During lonely times in our lives, our pets can bridge the gap between us and others, allowing us to have more opportunities to be social, as well as giving us a chance to get out of the house, even for a simple walk in the garden. This is why we will do everything possible to welcome you and your pet to the Freedom family.


Ease the transition into aged care

In addition to making our lives better overall, pets can significantly help to ease the transition into an aged care community by providing a sense of normality to everyday life, and they make a great ice breaker when meeting other residents or carers. Having our pets go through the transition with us also helps to provide a sense of comfort - imagine coming home and seeing their familiar little face waiting eagerly at the door!   Watch Nell and Toby’s story below.



Meet our Freedom family

Love, Decency, Respect, Kindness.These are not just words to us. They are the values we live by, the values that drive everything we do every single day for those we lovingly call our Freedom family.
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