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Meet Asta and Rae

Our Dad died over 30 years ago and Mum has been by herself ever since. She was younger than we are now.

I was going on holidays to the Gemfields for four months and my sister was also going to be away on a cruise and we were both concerned that if Mum was by herself at home, wasn’t a good idea, as she hadn’t been feeling 100%. Mum had a fall in town one day and we thought that she needed some help. Freedom seemed to be the answer for us.

Mum came in for respite while we were away and loved it so much that she decided to sell her home and stay permanently at Freedom. It has provided companionship, wonderful staff (Mum says that they spoil her) and also nursing care staff if needed.

Mum does lots of activities but also has a social life outside of Freedom.

Freedom has been the best thing ever, it is peace of mind for us both that she is in a lovely place, being well cared for by fantastic and dedicated staff.

Rae and Cheryl

Meet Wally

I have lived here for 3 years and for my 100th birthday I happened to mention that I wanted to go in a plane and I was shocked that Freedom organised all of this.
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