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Meet Eileen

At first glance there’s nothing unusual about this scene – an elderly woman dining alone in her own home. But a closer look reveals she isn’t alone at all!The Freedom Care Watch is the world’s greatest new development in aged care. To say that the Freedom Care Watch sets whole new standards and new expectations in aged care is an enormous understatement. The Freedom Care Watch isn’t just changing the future of aged care, it’s redefining it in ways we could never have imagined. Worn exactly like a normal wrist watch, (and just as small, stylish and sturdy), the Freedom Care Watch is a nonâ��stop monitor – a 24/7 guardian of vital information relating to every aspect of physical health and well being, including movement and inactivity. No matter where our residents are, at home or out and about in the community, the Freedom Care Watch transmits every detail in real time to our community’s 24/7 Nursing Care team. Of course care will always be about the human heart, the human touch and the connection between caring and cared for people. The Freedom Care Watch just helps us care even quicker and better!

Meet our Freedom family

Love, Decency, Respect, Kindness.These are not just words to us. They are the values we live by, the values that drive everything we do every single day for those we lovingly call our Freedom family.
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