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Meet Greg and Tom

Dad originally came from Toogoolawah and moved to Dalby to start grain farming in the early 1950's. He and I built some of the machinery ourselves and the silos to store the grain in. Mum and Dad lived there until she passed away in 1992. Dad moved to the Gold Coast when he remarried around 20 years ago. His second wife passed away in 2010 and Dad was living by himself on the Gold Coast when he had a fall in 2011. When he had the fall he ended up in hospital with a hemorrhagic stroke but up until then he was living by himself quite well.

When he had his stroke, we were told he was going to need care and he wouldn’t be able to live by himself again, so we started looking at care and nursing homes around the Gold Coast, but we saw Freedom advertised here in Toowoomba and after visiting and meeting everyone, it was just beautiful.

We did have a look at how much it would cost at other places to move in and after checking what they really wanted us to pay upfront and the ongoing expenses and compared that to Freedom, Freedom was far better value for what we were getting, compared to the other options. The care and everything they were offering, it was sort of care and support we were looking for Dad, somewhere who actually did care and would look after him, so we ended up bringing him to Toowoomba. The care that they give him, it’s just phenomenal, unreal. Dads Care Manager Chris is really good, he always keeps in touch with us, to let us know how Dad is, what’s happening, if anything is not quite right, or if he needs to see the Doctor.

He has all of his meals, his cared for well and truly, his home is always, always clean, I can visit anytime of the day and his home is always immaculate. His always cared for and clean, the care that they give him here, we couldn’t give him the same care at home, he is a full time job. All the staff at Freedom are great, its nice to know he is being cared for as well as he is. Since he has been at Freedom, the people here, are genuine people, they genuinely do care, they don’t just come to work and go home, they look after everybody here as if they were their own.

They’re are just so lovely. And that’s the best part of Freedom, we don’t have to worry about him not being cared for, we know he is being looked after, and that is so much of a relief to know that he is being looked after. It’s all I wanted, was to make sure Dad had the best care. You know it’s just something, for someone that you care about, that’s something that we just felt that he deserved to have the best care that we could offer him. Freedom has just been absolutely fantastic here. Well and truly looked after.

Greg, son of Tom

Meet our Freedom family

Love, Decency, Respect, Kindness.These are not just words to us. They are the values we live by, the values that drive everything we do every single day for those we lovingly call our Freedom family.
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