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Meet Merv

When 79 year old Merv first came to Freedom he needed oxygen twenty four hours a day. He also required round-the-clock medication. The first thing we did when he arrived was the same thing we do for all our new residents – we appointed him his very own Personal Care Manager.
Then we designed a specific care program around his individual needs. In Merv’s case this called for a team of specialised carers, under the watchful eye of a Registered Nurse, to help him with everything from medications and meals to daily chores.
If his health deteriorates, we will also provide Merv with a ground-breaking piece of aged care technology known as a “Freedom Care Watch”. The first of its kind in Australia, this amazing watch, worn just like a normal wrist watch, transmits everything, from pulse and blood pressure to every single movement. Should Merv ever have a fall or a change in his vital signs, the Freedom Care Watch’ would alert our 24/7 Nursing Centre and we would respond instantly.
If Merv was recovering from a stroke or suffered from any level of dementia, we would also appoint him his own Diversional Therapist to help maintain and improve his cognitive function.
As well as the many specific forms of care Merv receives, he also gets an endless supply of the type of care Freedom has now become famous for – lots of cuddles and big-hearted smiles from everyone in his new Freedom family.

Meet our Freedom family

Love, Decency, Respect, Kindness.These are not just words to us. They are the values we live by, the values that drive everything we do every single day for those we lovingly call our Freedom family.
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