We Owe Them
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We Owe Them

Everyone within Freedom Aged Care have contributed towards a remarkable movement in the aged care sector a movement we should all be very proud of.

Freedom Aged Care is a genuine alternative in aged care; one that embraces risk, delivers choice, independence and freedom. We keep love, decency, respect and kindness at the core of everything we do.

These individuals we call our elderly, our residents, are the reason we have the amazing society we exist in today.

They fought wars, survived depressions, developed cities, established economies and raised generations of Australians.

These are our greatest citizens and we owe them. We owe them a genuine alternative in aged care. A genuine alternative that protects their greatest human rights of choice, independence and freedom in their most vulnerable years.

We own them love, we owe them decency, we owe them respect, we owe them kindness. We Owe Them.

Dedicated to our Freedom family – the beautiful residents we have the privilege and honour to care for, each and every day, at Freedom Aged Care. 

Meet Wally

I have lived here for 3 years and for my 100th birthday I happened to mention that I wanted to go in a plane and I was shocked that Freedom organised all of this.
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